Native American Sterling & Turquoise

We are often asked if we have Native American jewelry. Yes! We have a large selection of signed and unsigned pieces. Bracelets, belt buckles, rings, necklaces, pins and more. Jewelry-making has been part of the artistic tradition of many Pueblos and Nations for over a century. The Spanish first introduced silversmithing to Navajo and other Native American Indian people in the Southwest. Since then, the Pueblos and Tribes have developed their own unique styles and perfected techniques that they pass down from generation to generation. A small corner of our available Native American jewelry is shown above with a few featured pieces shown below.

Navajo sterling belt buckle. 3 1/4″ x 2″. Vintage. Signed J.J. 15 stones.

Peyote Bird necklace. Turquoise chip inlay. Squash blossom Sterling, double-beaded. w/3″ Napa
Vintage, Native American. Each Peyote bird is 2 1/4″. There are 12.

Detail of Peyote bird necklace.

Zuni necklace signed. 24″ with 3″ drop. Vintage sterling and turquoise.


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