Turner Prints!

Of the many classic designs that graced homes in the 1940s and 50s, Turner prints are among the most recognizable. Made by Turner Manufacturing Company in Chicago, the company was best known for their innovative pastel images of birds and flowers. Turner Manufacturing Company sold their decor items in five-and-dime stores as easily affordable art for the average person.

turner print

The Swans

THE SWANS – This is one of the rare Turner Prints – Mirrors have been  replaced. this print is awesome!  PRICE:  $300.00

turner print

The Egrets

THE EGRETS- Original Mirrors – There is a little area of darkening at the top.  It shows in two of mirror squares.  The Print is in great condition.  PRICE:  $225.00.

turner print

The Cockatoos

THE COCKATOOS – Mirrors have been replaced – Print is in great condition.
PRICE:  225.00

turner print

The Flamingos

PINK FLAMINGO – This is the most sought after of the Turner Prints. Mirror’s are original and the print is in very good condition.   PRICE:  $300.00

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